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Code of Conduct

School wide behavior expectations
I acknowledge that every adult that works at Cesar Chavez Elementary School is responsible for helping me learn and keeping me safe by encouraging me to follow the standards of conduct. I understand that if I break the standards of conduct, I will have the following consequences:
  1. I will be reminded and encouraged to follow the standard.
  2. I will have to sit on the “bench” during recess.
  3. My parents will be informed about my behavior.
  4. I will be sent to the office to speak to the Principal.
  5. I will be sent to the office to lose my privileges for the quarter.
  6. The Principal and my Teacher will meet with my parents.
  7. I will be suspended.
  8. If I hurt others, or myself, if I bring a weapon to school or if I’m very disrespectful, I will skip steps and go directly to the office with a referral.